10 Year Old Injured In Red Light

Children are among the most vulnerable persons to be involved in car accidents. Motor vehicle crashes are the leading killer of Illinois children and many of these accidents are attributable to poor driving behavior of adults. The failure of adults to enforce seat belt or car seat use is another common contributing factor in child car accident injuries.

One 10-year-old Chicago boy was seriously injured in a West Side car accident on Monday. The boy was a passenger in a Lexus whose driver ran a red light and smacked into a Ford van.

“The collision caused the Ford to roll over and the Lexus to hit two trees and a fence on United Center property,” a police spokesman told the Chicago Tribune.

The 32-year-old driver and the 10-year-old were rushed to John H. Stroger Jr. Hospital. The boy was in critical condition and the driver was in good condition. She was also cited for running the red light.

The 54-year-old van driver was also taken to a nearby hospital for treatment but was released by Monday afternoon according to authorities.

It is unclear why the 32-year-old Lexus driver ran the red light on Monday. Common contributing factors in similar car accidents include driver inattention and distraction.