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Aircraft Crashes Into South Bend Homes Accident News

“The home is gone,” a South Bend woman recently told reporters. The woman said that she was at home with her 6-year-old son with a small twin-engine jet landed in her house.

The woman vividly recalled the crash in an interview with the Chicago Tribune. She said that she heard a loud explosion Sunday afternoon and saw glass and insulation flying everywhere. The woman ran to grab her son from the kitchen, snatched some warm clothing and then ran.

Two out of the four people on the plane died. The South Bend woman’s neighbor was also suffered a personal injury and was transported a nearby hospital in fair condition.

Both of the deceased men from the plane were licensed pilots and it unclear which one of them was flying. The plane is still lodged in the South Bend woman’s home. The airplane crash also destroyed the home of the woman’s neighbor.

“It hit or grazed one house and then hit another one squarely and then embedded itself into a third house,” said a South Bend Police spokesperson.

The two deceased plane occupants died at the scene. The other passengers have none life-threatening injuries.

Authorities from the National Transportation Safety Board say that the investigation could take up to a year.