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Australian Supermodel Recovering From Whiplash Injuries

Aussie supermodel Miranda Kerr is recovering after suffering from severe whiplash in a car accident. Kerr sustained her injuries during a recent car accident in Los Angeles. Authorities say that the driver who hit Kerr might face reckless driving charges in connection with the crash. The Victoria’s Secret model has been extensively photographed wearing a neck brace and inside sources say that she is in great pain.

Whiplash is a type of neck injury frequently experienced by car accident victims. The injury commonly occurs during rear-end car accidents which cause a car occupant’s head to suddenly jolt, like a whip being cracked. According to the Mayo Clinic, this sudden violent action stretches the neck muscles and associated ligaments beyond their normal range, causing severe injuries.

It can take several months for some individuals to recover from whiplash injuries. Working during the recovery period is difficult for many people because whiplash severely limits a person’s range of motion and is often associated with severe headaches. The impact of this on a person’s profession varies depending on the physical and mental duties associated with a person’s job.

Whiplash can also be the basis for a workers’ compensation claim if it happens because of a workplace accident or on-the-job car accident.

Miranda Kerr expects to be back to her professional duties in the next few days according to the Daily Mail tabloid.