Avalon Park Left-Turn Accident

Woman Killed in Avalon Park Left-Turn Accident in Chicago

Avalon Park Left-Turn AccidentA 27-year-old female passenger has been killed in an Avalon Park left-turn accident on Chicago’s South Side.

Avalon Park Left-Turn Accident Kills Passenger

The Avalon Park left-turn accident occurred at approximately 11:30 p.m. on January 23, 2021. At that time, a blue Honda sedan occupied by three people was making a left-hand turn from southbound Stony Island Avenue onto eastbound 83rd Street when an Acura sedan traveling northbound on Stony Island Avenue struck collided with it.

The 27-year-old female passenger in the Honda was pronounced dead on the scene. The Honda’s 18-year-old female driver and another 22-year-old female passenger were transported to University of Chicago Hospital in fair condition.

The driver of the Acura kept driving after the Avalon Park left-hand turn accident before coming to a stop at the 8100 block of South East End Avenue, where the vehicle caught fire. The driver then fled on foot and has not been located. It is not yet known how many people were inside the Acura.

The Avalon Park left-turn accident is under investigation.

The Danger of Left-Turn Accidents

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that over three million auto accidents take place at intersections in the United States annually. The majority of these crashes occur because of improper left turns. In fact, wrongful left turns are to blame for twenty percent of all traffic accidents nationwide.

That is because left turns are more mentally and physically challenging than right turns. Very often, drivers make errors in judgment when trying to make a left turn, especially when it comes to the time and space required, which can result in sudden, sometimes catastrophic accidents.

Making a left turn across traffic can be also particularly dangerous because drivers frequently accelerate when doing so. This can lead to a wider turning radius at a greater speed, exposing others to a more significant risk of serious injury or death.

Fighting for Victims of Left-Turn Accidents

Drivers making left turns are required to yield the right of way to oncoming traffic under Illinois law. This makes them liable for left-turn accidents in most cases. Nevertheless, insurance companies will frequently do whatever they can to limit their financial exposure, including minimizing the extent of an injured person’s damages or even attempting to deny their insured party’s liability. To increase your odds of obtaining just compensation for your injuries if you are the victim of a left-turn accident, do what so many other people have done before you and reach out to the car accident attorneys at GWC Injury Lawyers LLC.

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