GWC Obtains $700,000.00 Settlement for Avid Motorcyclist

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GWC partner Louis A. Cairo has obtained a $700,000.00 settlement for an avid motorcyclist following a Winnebago County collision.

Failure to Yield Causes Motorcyclist to Crash

Louis A. Cairo

In November 2016, a 45-year-old motorcyclist was traveling southbound on a service road in Machesney Park, IL.  At that time, the driver of a northbound Camry made an unexpected left-hand turn directly into his path.

The driver’s failure to yield the right of way left the motorcyclist with no choice but to brake aggressively in an attempt to avoid a catastrophic collision, causing him to crash into the Camry’s right-side front door.

Significant Injuries Require Surgery

The motorcyclist was transported to Rockford Memorial Hospital, where he was admitted with injuries, including multiple fractures of the pelvis, which required surgical intervention in the form of an open reduction and internal fixation of the pubic symphysis and percutaneous pinning of the right sacroiliac joint.  Additionally, he sustained a fractured rib and a collapsed lung.

The motorcyclist required extensive post-surgical physical therapy before he was able to fully recover. Despite returning to work as a mechanic five months after the collision, he had to undergo a second surgery to repair hernias that developed from his pelvic injury almost a year after the crash.

Testimonies Further Prove Defendant’s Negligence

GWC Injury Lawyers filed suit against the Camry’s driver on behalf of the motorcyclist and his wife, who suffered loss of consortium because of her husband’s injuries.  Attorney Louis A. Cairo constructed a rock-solid case against the Defendant, one that drew heavily on his own words, as well as on damaging testimony from the investigating officer and two occurrence witnesses.

During a sworn deposition, GWC got the Defendant to admit that there was nothing obstructing his vision or distracting him from observing the southbound traffic before he made his left-hand turn.  He also admitted that he knew that it was required to yield the right of way when making his turn.  He further testified that he never even saw the motorcycle prior to turning.  In fact, the first time he noticed the motorcycle was when it slammed into his vehicle.

“I always find it interesting when drivers try to explain how or why they allegedly never saw an oncoming vehicle,” said attorney Cairo.  “Typically, they either never looked in the direction of oncoming traffic or they did, but didn’t want to admit that they thought they could beat the other vehicle at the time they turned in front of it.”

More Than Twice the Initial Settlement Offer

Thanks to GWC’s passionate advocacy, the Defendant’s insurance company agreed to settle the case prior to trial for $700,000.00, more than twice the initial settlement offer.  The clients were very pleased with this pretrial settlement, especially considering the venue of this case is rather conservative and insurance companies are frequently apprehensive about offering large settlements to motorcyclists because juries are often reticent to award large amounts to people injured while riding a motorcycle.

“Riding his motorcycle isn’t just my client’s way of getting from point A to point B,” Mr. Cairo explained.  “It’s a bonding experience that he and his wife have shared for years!  They deserve to be compensated for the disruption to their lives that they were forced to endure.  I know that the insurance carrier recognized that my clients were very nice people and would be well-received and respected by a jury of their peers.”

Fighting for the Rights of Injured Motorcyclists

If you are the victim of a motorcycle accident, you may quickly find yourself overwhelmed as you try to cope with physically and financially devastating injuries, all because of someone else’s negligence.  To maximize your claim value, whether by settlement or trial, contact the dedicated personal injury and workers’ compensation attorneys at GWC Injury Lawyers LLC.

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