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GWC Obtains Significant Settlement for Injured Bartender

GWC attorney Jacqueline C. Hickey has obtained a settlement for an injured bartender worth more than ten times the original offer.

Bartender Slips and Falls at Work

GWC’s client was a part-time bartender for a major national restaurant chain. One day, she slipped and fell on the job, suffering an injury to her neck that was later confirmed to be disc herniation at C6-C7.

As a result of this injury, the client experienced significant pain and numbness in her neck, back, and shoulders, all of which prevented her from carrying out her duties as a bartender. She also had to undergo an extensive course of non-surgical treatment including physical therapy, injections, and prescription medications.

Employer Pushes Back Against Claim

The total value of this settlement exceeded $530,000.00 – more than ten times the $50,000.00 initially offered by the employer.

Despite this eventual settlement, in seeking to obtain workers’ compensation benefits, the bartender faced considerable pushback from the restaurant chain and its insurance company.

“Our client’s employer disputed the extent of her injuries, arguing that they were largely unrelated to the incident,” said Ms. Hickey.

The restaurant chain and its insurer insisted that the client return to work shortly after the incident despite the serious injuries, and she was denied medical benefits and Temporary Total Disability (TTD) payments. This left the bartender without income while she was accumulating significant bills for her medical treatment.

Hard-Fought Negotiations Yield Large Settlement

Once the client achieved maximum medical improvement, GWC entered into intense settlement discussions with the employer to get her full and fair compensation for her workers’ compensation claim. Ms. Hickey drew upon multiple narrative reports ordered from medical experts in order to counter numerous independent medical examinations commissioned by the employer to oppose the bartender’s case and claims.

After months of hard-fought negotiations, Ms. Hickey was able to obtain a significant workers’ compensation settlement, one that reflected:

  • Back TTD benefits owed to the client;
  • Payment for numerous outstanding medical bills and a union group insurance lien;
  • Permanent Partial Disability (PPD) for ongoing physical impairment; and
  • A Medicare Set-Aside Arrangement (MSA) for future medical expenses.

“Some firms would have just settled out and not pushed for the MSA and reimbursement of Back TTD and the many medical bills,” said Ms. Hickey. “However, we kept fighting this large and well-known insurance company for everything they had.

“It took a lot of time and effort in the face of strong opposition, but our client was very pleased with the results,” she added. “Outcomes like these are what makes our work at GWC so rewarding.”

Fierce Advocacy for Illinois Workers

While employees in Illinois may be entitled to certain benefits under the law when they are hurt in the workplace, they may often find themselves fighting with intransigent employers and insurance companies who are unwilling to provide them. At times like these, injured workers would benefit from the fierce advocacy of the workers’ compensation attorneys at GWC Injury Lawyers LLC.

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