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Bus Accident At 166th St & Jean Lane Truck Crash

The most recent winter storm has resulted in a predictable increase in Chicago area car accidents. One of the most dramatic storm-related crashes happened this morning when a school bus slammed into an apartment building in Tinley Park.

NBC Chicago is reporting that no children were on board during the 7 a.m. crash. It is unclear whether any residents of the apartment complex were injured. The complex is at 166th Street and Jean Lane.

Overhead video of the crash shows the school bus blocking the front entrance of the building. The bus appears to have clipped a parked car and stopped after hitting a porch awning of the apartment building.

There are three easy ways for Chicago residents to avoid causing similar accidents during the final part of snow season:

  • Slow down: Many spin-out and sliding car accidents can be avoided by driving more slowly. Give yourself more time to stop and respond appropriately to abrupt changes in traffic patterns or obstacles on the road.
  • Pay attention: Distracted driving dangerous at any time of the year, but distracted driving is particularly dangerous during the winter. Often crashes such as this bus accident happen because a driver gets distracted and then swerves upon seeing suddenly stopped traffic or a pedestrian.
  • Limit Driving: Many of us can cut down on the amount of travel we do until the snow clears. Limit non-essential trips and opt for public transit when the weather is bad.