Passenger Killed in Clarendon Hills Metra Crash

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Clarendon Hills Metra crashA train passenger has been killed and four other passengers have been injured in a Clarendon Hills Metra crash.

Train Crashes Into Truck

The Clarendon Hills Metra crash took place at approximately 8:10 a.m. on May 11, 2022. At that time, Metra BNSF train No. 1242 was running express from Downers Grove to Chicago’s Union Station. The train then collided with a box truck that had stalled on the tracks at a rail crossing just past the Clarendon Hills train station at One S. Prospect Avenue. The engine was at the train’s rear, so a passenger car was the first to smash into the truck, which flipped on its side and burst into flames.

One passenger, 72-year-old Christina Lopez of Downers Grove, was killed in the Clarendon Hills Metra crash when she was ejected from a train window.

Another four passengers were reportedly injured in the incident. It was not immediately known whether Ms. Lopez’s family or the surviving victims have retained the services of any personal injury attorneys following the incident.

NTSB Investigating Clarendon Hills Metra Crash

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) is investigating the cause of the Clarendon Hills Metra crash, which marked the second passenger fatality in Metra’s history. The NTSB said it was fairly confident that the train was not exceeding the speed limit, which is 70 miles per hour. The agency also believes that Christina Lopez may have been sitting on the right side of the train where the truck struck the train.

The NTSB noted that a white pick-up truck ahead of the box truck did not block the vehicle. Investigators at the agency are hoping to speak with the three individuals inside the box truck to determine why it did not move to avoid the collision.

“The truck could have moved, it didn’t,” an NTSB spokesperson said in a press conference on May 12.

The NTSB is asking anyone who has video of the Clarendon Hills Metra crash or who may have witnessed the event to call the agency at (202) 320-3387 or visit

Why Public Transportation Accidents Are Challenging

Millions of people use Metra, the El, and CTA buses to commute each day, with approximately 500 million public transportation rides taken in the Chicago area annually. Unfortunately, with so many trips, there is a significant risk of accidental injury to innocent victims.

While those who have been injured in a public transportation accident could be eligible to receive compensation, these types of incidents can be complex. A public transportation accident can have multiple causes, with many parties potentially at fault.

A victim needs to initiate a detailed investigation promptly in order to discover what happened so that the responsible parties can be determined. Depending upon the nature of the incident, an injured person may be able to pursue a claim against multiple people or entities. It is important to identify all of the at-fault parties in a timely fashion because failure to do so could result in being forever barred from financial recovery.

Additionally, the time in which the law specifies that a lawsuit may be filed –the “Statute of Limitations” – may be shorter in cases involving public transportation systems. In Illinois, the Statute of Limitations is one year for personal injury cases involving municipalities, with certain exceptions, compared to the two years usually allotted in cases against private parties.

Fighting for Public Transportation Accident Victims

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