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Concussions are the next big litigation wave

The Associated Press reports that concussions are set to be the next wave of personal injury litigation in the United States. A concussion is a type of traumatic brain injury typically caused by violent shaking or other trauma. Common sources of concussions include car accidents, falls, and sports injuries.

Concussions are extremely common in contact sports such as rugby and football. A class action lawsuit was recently brought by retired professional football players against the NFL. The players allege that the league was negligent in handling player concussions. Players who suffered repeated concussions reported experiencing dementia, dizziness, and behavioral problems. Some players even exhibited violent behavior after suffering repeated concussions that were inadequately treated.

“The NFL took a page right out of the tobacco industry playbook and engaged in a campaign of fraud and deception, ignoring the risks of traumatic brain injuries in football and deliberately spreading false information to its players,” one attorney said.

For its part, the NFL claims that it remains dedicated to player safety and that has spent over $2 billion on player pensions and disability benefits.

“Any allegation that the NFL intentionally sought to mislead players or otherwise conceal information from players concerning the risks, treatment or management of concussions is entirely without merit,” the NFL said.

Concussions have been noted in other sports, including hockey and professional Wrestling. A study of the brain of WWE wrestler Chris Benoit revealed that his brain was severely damaged and resembled that of an elderly Alzheimer’s patient.

Benoit killed his wife and son in 2007 before committing suicide with a weight machine. Investigators believe that multiple untreated concussions contributed to his severe dementia and behavioral problems. Many hockey player suicides have also been linked to concussions.

If you or someone that you love has suffered a serious brain injury due to a contact sport injury, that person may be eligible to file a damages lawsuit.

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