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CTA Bus Crash Injures Five On Southwest Side

At least five people were injured after a Chicago Transit Authority bus and a car crashed in Brighton Park on Saturday. The accident happened around 10 a.m. At the intersection of 46th Street and Kedzie Avenue. A CTA spokeswoman said that the bus accident occurred when a car pulled out of a parking spot and was struck by the bus.

Emergency crews rushed to the scene and hospitalized five people. About 11 people refused hospitalization at the scene and at least one of the five individuals rushed to the hospital was listed in critical condition.

Inconsistencies in how media outlets report patients’ medical conditions makes it difficult to determine whether the patient in critical condition has life-threatening injuries. Reporters will often distinguish between “critical” and “life-threatening” injuries, but the American Hospital Association does not recognize this distinction.

According to AHA guidelines, individuals in “critical” condition have unstable vital signs and unfavorable indicators of getting better. Individuals with “questionable” indicators and acute illnesses are described as being in “serious condition” under the AHA guidelines.

The Chicago Sun-Times reports that two of the people involved in the CTA bus crash were in serious condition. Two others were hospitalized in fair condition, which indicates stable vital signs and a favorable likelihood of recovery.

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