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Drunk Motorist Drives SUV Off Harlem Ave Overpass

A Chicago woman was arrested after being found wandering in the cold after a fatal drunk driving car accident. The Chicago Tribune reports that the woman was involved in a fatal suburban accident that occurred at the border of Lyons and Summit.

Authorities say that the 44-year-old woman drove her SUV off of the Harlem Avenue overpass in Lyons. The SUV plunged 50 feet to Canal Bank Drive in Summit, killing two passengers. The deceased passengers were a 37-year-old Berwyn woman and a 36-year-old Bolingbrook woman.

Police found the driver walking by herself on Jan. 26 near the I-55 onramp. The woman was drunk and freezing. She was severely injured but did not tell officers that she was involved in a crash. She told police that she was walking home from a bar.

Officers found the overturned SUV about five hours later and it took them a while to connect the woman to the crash. She faces charges of leaving the scene of a fatal crash, DUI, cocaine possession and other traffic charges. The woman will next appear in court on March 5.

Toxicology tests are pending against the woman and her passengers. Police say that the investigation is also ongoing.