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SUV Rear Ends a CTA Bus

chicago-accident-lawyersAt least eight people sustained minor injuries on Feb. 23, after an SUV and a Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) bus were involved in a rear-end accident. The accident occurred on Chicagos Near West Side. The accident was caused by an SUV that made an illegal turn in front of an oncoming CTA bus at the corner of Madison Street and Western Avenue.

The accident was reported in the Chicago Tribune. Brian Steele, a spokesman for the Chicago Transit Authority, said that the SUV attempted to pass the bus and make a right turn just as the CTA bus was pulling away from the curb.

Spokespersons for the Chicago Fire Department shared that the accident only caused minor injuries. Eight individuals involved in the accident were taken to area hospital with minor bumps and bruises and are listed in good condition.

Chicago CTA Bus Accident Statistics

The CTA administers Americas second largest public transportation system. More than 1,800 buses and 1,300 rail cars serve more than 1.7 million riders each week.

As such, CTA buses routinely become involved in accidents. CTA buses average 1 bus collision per day. In the past CTA buses have collided with light poles, viaducts, bus shelters, homes and other vehicles on the road. Since 2008, CTA buses have been involved in more accidents than the other nine largest public systems in America.

The CTA has worked to improve the safety of public transportation systems in Chicago. Recently, the CTA joined a federal program that will increase, among other things rail safety standards for transit agencies across the United States.

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