GWC Wins Large Settlement for 64-Year-Old Sanitation Worker Nearing Retirement

Donn LaHaieGWC Injury Lawyers attorney Donn P. LaHaie recently won a large workers’ compensation settlement for a 64-year-old sanitation worker – even though he was only three years away from retirement.

In 2014, Mr. LaHaie’s client was engaged in his duties as a sanitation worker when he seriously injured his right knee. Despite extensive physical therapy and surgery, he was ultimately unable to return to his job.

“In Illinois, a worker who cannot return to his former job because of his injuries is entitled to what is known as a wage differential settlement, “Mr. LaHaie explained. “The amount is equal to two-thirds of the difference between what he would have earned working at his job before the injury and what he earns doing whatever suitable employment he found after your injury. The benefits cap out at age 67.”

Mr. LaHaie’s client was age 64 at the time of settlement, meaning that he only had less than three years of eligibility for a wage differential settlement. However, because his client was unable to return to his former job, Mr. LaHaie argued that he suffered from a loss of vocation injury to the man as a whole. As a result, Mr. LaHaie was able to get his client a settlement of $196,095, far larger than he would have gotten otherwise.

“This is why it’s important to hire an experienced workers’ compensation attorney who can fight to get you the best settlement possible,” Mr. LaHaie said.

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