GWC Attorney Michael W. Kopsick Awarded Large Jury Verdict for Previously Denied Injury Claim

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Michael W. Kopsick

Michael W. Kopsick

GWC Injury Lawyers attorney Michael W. Kopsick was recently awarded a $28,000.00 jury verdict for a personal injury case that had previously been denied by the Defendant’s insurance company.

Mr. Kopsick’s client was rear-ended by the Defendant at the intersection of Grand Avenue and LeClaire Avenue in the City of Chicago after being stopped at a red light for approximately fifteen seconds, causing the client to sustain injuries to his neck, back, and right shoulder. The Defendant denied responsibility for the accident, claiming that the Plaintiff was at fault for coming to a sudden stop, driving too fast for conditions, and not keeping a proper lookout.

Although the Plaintiff incurred medical bills of roughly $5,000.00, as a part of his trial strategy, Mr. Kopsick did not admit any bills or treatment into evidence. Further, Mr. Kopsick did not pay for any treating physicians to testify at trial.

“Before trial,” Mr. Kopsick said, “the defense attorneys pulled their original settlement offer of $6,000.00 and told me that they were not offering any money to settle. After closing arguments finished and the jury was sent back for deliberation, the defense offered to negotiate again and settle the case before the jury made their decision. I respectfully declined that offer.”

Mr. Kopsick asked for $14,000.00 for pain and suffering and $14,000.00 for loss of normal life sustained by his client. The jury came back and awarded 100% of what Mr. Kopsick suggested, for a total of $28,000.00. Needless to say, Mr. Kopsick was happy he never took any offer.

Mr. Kopsick was assisted at trial by law clerk Larry Amato.

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