Have a Happy (and Safe) Halloween

Halloween can be scary, but nothing is scarier than a surprise injury. Did you know that more pedestrians die on Halloween than any other day of the year? Children alone are over 130% more likely to be injured during trick-or-treating.

When a pedestrian is hit, the driver almost always blamed. So, as a safe driver on Halloween, what can you do to prevent an accident from happening?

First of all, expect more pedestrians than usual. They will be there. Because of this, you should drive a bit slower, particularly while in a residential area. In order to keep an ear out for people, turn the radio down or off. Remember to use your headlights, and it might be a good idea to have them on earlier than you normally would. This not only lets you see pedestrians better, but allows them to see you coming as well.

Most importantly, I want to urge everyone out there to never drink and drive.  We all know the dangers of this choice, and on Halloween the risk is even higher. If you must drink, please call a cab service or use a sober driver.  This can save lives, including your own.

If you ever find yourself a victim of an accident such as weve discussed here, please contact GWC . Its an important step to help compensate your injuries. We want all of our friends out there to have a safe and happy Halloween!