IL State Trooper Killed In Truck Accident

Illinois State Police motorcycle trooper Kyle Deatherage was killed when he was hit by a semi-truck on Monday. The fatal accident occurred on I-55 when the trooper was conducting a traffic stop near the Raymond exit according to the Journal Star.

“Trooper Deatherage left a legacy of courage and duty and today he is surrounded by the respect of his fellow officers and by the love of his friends and family,” state police director Hiram Grau said in a statement. “Our hearts are heavy with grief, but they are also strengthened by Trooper Deatherage’s brave calling.”

Details about this crash are unknown, but it appears to be a violation of Illinois’ “Move Over” Law. Many states have the so-called Move Over Laws to protect police troopers and emergency workers on state roads and highways. The laws typically require motorists to move over a lane if there is a police car or some other emergency vehicle stopped with lights flashing. This law is intended to prevent accidents like the one that killed Trooper Deatherage.

Drivers are not required to move over on two-lane roads or if it is unsafe to do so. Drivers are however expected to slow down substantially and use extra caution when emergency or disabled vehicles are on the side of the road.