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Married Couple Dies in Maywood Furnace Malfunction

Maywood furnace malfunctionAn elderly married couple died recently in a Maywood furnace malfunction in their west suburban home.

Maywood Furnace Malfunction Kills Couple

The incident took place shortly before 2:00 p.m. on October 4, 2020, in the 1200 block of South 15th Avenue. At that time, the son of 80-year-old Leevell Robinson and 78-year-old Ora Robinson checked on their home and found the temperature to be “abnormally hot.”

Paramedics responded to their house at 2 p.m. and found the couple inside. Leevell had already died at the scene, while Ora was transported to Loyola University Medical Center, where she was pronounced dead hours later.  Their son told police that the furnace had been previously serviced after malfunctioning.

The medical examiner’s office reported that the couple died of heat exposure because of the Maywood furnace malfunction. The deaths were ruled to be accidental.

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