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Multiple Truck Accidents In Chicago

Truck accidents are often more severe simply because these vehicles weigh much more than cars. The Chicago metro area is especially difficult for truck drivers due to its crowded conditions and frequent construction. Chicago truck accidents that cause a victim’s permanent disability are the most likely to result in a high monetary award.

Truck crash statistics

The Illinois Department of Transportation provides data on truck crashes in Illinois from 2011. A total of 10,496 crashes occurred during this period involving a truck-tractor with a semi-trailer, resulting in 1,830 injuries and 94 fatalities. Truck occupants accounted for 15 of the fatalities and 466 of the injuries.

Pickup trucks were involved in a total of 42,588 crashes, resulting in 150 fatalities and 8,741 injuries. Occupants of the truck accounted for 67 of the fatalities and 5,195 of the injuries. Other single-unit trucks were involved in 7,036 crashes, including 25 fatalities and 1,148 injuries, according to the Illinois Department of Transportation.

Recent case shows danger of trucks on the roadway

The city of Chicago is set to pay $6.25 million to a truck accident victim who suffered severe brain injuries in a crash involving a city employee. The Chicago Tribune reports the accident occurred on May 2011 when a Chicago truck driver drove a pickup truck onto a crowded sidewalk. The story said at least three other lawsuits relating to this incident are still pending.

The primary victim in this case was earning $80,000 a year as a computer scientist, but will not return to that profession as a result of his injuries. He has already spent $572,000 on his medical expenses. The crash also injured four other people, including a nanny who pushed a stroller with a 20-month-old child out of the way before she was hit by the truck.

The driver’s blood alcohol content was 0.183 percent, more than twice the legal limit in Chicago. Crash investigators also found an open bottle of brandy in the pickup truck. The driver pleaded guilty to aggravated driving under the influence and is serving a sentence of nine years.

Truck accidents can be devastating

The victims of a trucking accident and their loved ones are often devastated by the severe injuries that result from these accidents. They are often frustrated because they cannot receive a fair offer of compensation from the trucking company. An attorney who is experienced in handling truck-accident cases will be able to negotiate aggressively with insurance companies to obtain complete compensation for injuries, loss of income and emotional trauma.