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Teen Driver Safety Week Focuses on Teen Safety Behind the Wheel

Teenage-DriverTeen drivers account for more auto accidents than any other age group in the United States. Their inexperience in driving and tendency to speed and easily become distracted greatly influence their risk of being involved in an auto accident. Fortunately, parents can play an important role in instilling safe driving practices in their teens from the very first time they hand over the keys.

National Teen Driver Safety Week, recognized Oct. 18-24, encourages parents to have a conversation with their teen about safe driving and to set ground rules for their driving.

This years theme, the 5 to Drive, outlines five guidelines parents should follow when teaching their teens to drive.

Five to Drive

Always Buckle Up Wearing a seatbelt is one of the simplest ways to stay safe in a vehicle. Whether they are in the drivers seat or are a passenger in a vehicle, teach your teen to always wear a seatbelt.

Do Not Text and Drive Teen drivers make up the highest percentage of drivers distracted by their cellphones. Set a rule for your teen that requires they keep their phone down when they are driving. They should not be texting, calling, on Facebook or surfing the Internet while behind the wheel.

Slow Down In 2013, 29 percent of teen driving fatalities were caused by speeding. Remind your teen to always follow the speed limit.

Drive Solo Teens are more likely to be distracted or to engage in risky driving behaviors when driving with passengers. Encourage your teen to drive alone and set a rule that they can have no more than one passenger in their vehicle while driving.

Do Not Drink and Drive Although the national drinking age is 21, teens still should be reminded not to drink and drive. Despite their young age, this age group is at a greater risk for dying in an alcohol-related accident than any other age group.

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