NHTSA Demands Mandatory Airbag Recall

nhtsa-demands-mandatory-airbag-recallOn Tuesday Nov. 18th, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) announced a mandatory recall of all vehicles whose drivers side airbags were equipped with inflators made by Takata Corporation.

The defective inflators manufactured by Takata have the potential to rupture the airbags and send metal shrapnel into the torsos of drivers and passengers.

Earlier Takata recalls were limited to high humidity and high temperature states. In light of recent accidents in California and North Carolina, two states that were not covered in the limited regional recalls, the NHTSA has expanded the recall to cover the nation.

While the recall permits car owners to begin replacing airbags, there is an extremely limited supply of available airbags. There simply are not enough airbags to replace the defective airbags, which run into the millions.

The national recall only applies to the drivers side airbags because the passenger side airbags have different inflators.

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