Parking Lots and Car Accident Damages

parking-lot-accidentsMost parking lot accident are minor incidents for which police will rarely respond and where it’s highly unlikely that anyone will get a ticket because the incident probably happened on private property.

Those facts only contribute to the confusion that often results after a parking lot accident. These types of accidents are already complicated by the fact there aren’t any traffic signals, lanes often aren’t defined, and traffic patterns are not always clearly laid out.

Because of this, liability in parking lot accidents quickly becomes confusing, but Goldberg, Weisman & Cairo is here to help. We are knowledgeable, aggressive and successful auto accident lawyers in Illinois. We sort out the otherwise confusing issues surrounding liability in parking lot car wrecks, and we get you the justice and compensation that the law says you deserve.

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Most of the parking lot accidents that occur are fender benders with minor property damage and injuries. Some people suffer serious injuries though, particularly pedestrians who are commonly hit by a motorist who is backing out of a parking space or who is distracted.

Since parking lot cases usually are not investigated by police, and no one is ordinarily cited, the liability aspect of these cases is decided on common law rules of negligence.

Everyone is required to use due care and caution for the safety of the person and property of others. If we fail to do so and damages result, we are considered negligent. That’s the sum and substance of the common law rules of negligence, and those are the same rules that control most parking lot cases.

If you have been involved in a parking lot accident and are confused about who should be held liable, contact our experienced team of auto accident lawyers who can analyze the evidence and help you determine who is at-fault.