Police Officer Dies on Duty

Your Illinois personal injury lawyers, Goldberg, Weisman and Cairo, want you to stay safe on our roads, so we have brought you the latest traffic news and tips to help you from becoming involved in a similar accident.

An Oak Forest police officer died six hours after his squad car was struck at an intersection while he was on his way to a call, according to authorities.

The officer was said to have been responding to assist another officer on a domestic situation call. He was trying to turn left on 160 th Street onto Cicero Avenue when someone traveling south on Cicero Avenue struck the squad car on the drivers side.

The officer was pinned in the car and had to be extricated. The other driver involved in the accident was said to have suffered minor injuries.

If an emergency vehicle such as a police car, fire engine or ambulance approaches, remember:

  • Stay Alert: Pay attention to all directions of the road when you hear a siren approaching.
  • Look at your mirrors: Check all of your mirrors in order to estimate the speed of the emergency vehicle. This can help you determine which way to move and where to move in a safely matter.
  • React : React quickly but calmly. Look at all directions of the road before pulling over or moving to another lane. Always use your turn signal and never slam on your breaks to pull over suddenly.
  • Re-enter the road : Make sure to look all directions before re-entering the road. Turn on your signal and gradually merge back onto the road.
  • Dont stop in a dangerous place : Always avoid stopping at an unsafe place that does not have enough room to pull over. Also, never outrun or follow the emergency vehicle.

If you see a stopped emergency vehicle such as a police car, fire engine or ambulance, slow down and move to another lane as soon as you can. If you cant switch lanes, try to slow down and proceed with caution.

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