RECALL: Ford Fusion Ford Escape Engine Fire

Imagine being on the highway in your brand new car. Suddenly, the instrument panel indicates that the engine is overheating.

Smoke and flames then emerge from under the hood.

This is exactly what has happened to several owners of brand new 2013 Ford Fusions and Escapes. Ford Motor Co. recently announced a recall of 90,000 of these popular cars because a design defect can cause their engines to ignite while the cars are in operation. At least a dozen engine fires have been reported.

Both Ford models have a 1.6-liter EcoBoost Engine which appears to overheat and cause fluid leaks. The fluid then comes flammable when it comes into contact with hot engine parts.

USA Today reports that this is the fourth major recall from Ford since Spring. The recalls were due to a variety of issues including sticking gas petals and other fluid leaks. This is the company’s 92nd recall since 2009.

Ford does not know what is causing the Escape and Fusion fire issues. The company urges customers to go to the nearest dealership and arrange for a loaner car. It has not however told customers to stop driving the cars immediately.

“I just paid $26,000 for this car. Now they tell me to park it,” one customer told USA Today. “I feel like I should be able to get a refund.”