Starved Rock explosion

Lawsuit Filed Over Starved Rock Explosion

The families of three men who were killed in a recent Starved Rock explosion have filed a wrongful death lawsuit.

“Copper Pipe” Used in Campfire

The Starved Rock explosion occurred on May 6, 2021. On that date, 39-year-old Immer Rivera Tejada, his 36-year-old brother Rafael Rivera Tejada, and their 26-year-old nephew Guillermo Rivera Tejada went fishing along the Illinois River in Starved Rock State Park, 75 miles southwest of Chicago, IL. They were camped approximately 100 yards from the former site of the old Route 178 Bridge, which had recently been demolished.

The men reportedly used what they thought was a copper pipe to prop up a pan while they were building a campfire, and the heat caused it to explode.

The Starved Rock explosion killed all three men. They are survived by a total of seven children, ages 3 to 15.

Negligence Alleged in Starved Rock Explosion

Personal injury attorneys representing the men’s family members filed a wrongful death lawsuit in late September. The suit named as defendants three construction and blasting companies hired by the Illinois Department of Transportation to demolish the Route 178 Bridge.

The lawsuit alleges that these companies negligently failed to control their explosive materials at all times or to perform an adequate post-blast inspection, leaving behind an undetonated linear-shaped charge as a result. The deceased men later unwittingly used this charge while building their campfire, mistaking it for a simple copper pipe.

At the time of the incident, state officials insisted that the bridge’s demolition played no part in the Starved Rock explosion. The companies identified in the wrongful death lawsuit have so far declined to comment.

Helping Explosion Victims Get Justice

When someone is seriously injured or killed in an explosion, justice can prove elusive. Given the highly destructive nature of these incidents, establishing the cause is particularly difficult, as is determining who is at fault. Sometimes multiple parties may share responsibility, including multi-million-dollar construction companies and municipal entities with vast resources available to fight explosion injury claims, all to make sure that they pay the victims as little as possible.

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