GWC Obtains $220,000.00 for Union Electrician

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Bennett J. Baker

GWC attorney Bennett J. Baker has obtained a $220,000.00 settlement for a union electrician who suffered a head injury at a Chicago apartment complex.

Sharp Blow From Door Opener

GWC’s client was a 40-year-old union electrician and a proud member of IBEW Local 21 for many years. In February 2018, he was working as a technical field services employee for a telecommunications company when he was dispatched on a service call to an apartment complex in Chicago, IL.

Upon his arrival at the job site, the electrician attempted to enter the premises through an automatic door. Prior to his doing so, a device attached to the door that regulates the speed at which it opens and closes had become unhinged and was hanging down approximately one foot. As a result, the detached door opener swung towards the electrician as he was passing through the doorway and struck him in the head.

Serious Concussion and Post-Concussion Syndrome

The union electrician suffered a concussion, post-concussion syndrome, and persistent head and neck pain following the incident. He found it difficult to think clearly or concentrate, which prevented him from carrying out the highly technical aspects of his job.

He had to undergo several months of neurological assessment and treatment before he was ultimately able to return to work full duty.

GWC Successfully Refutes Defense

The union electrician retained GWC Injury Lawyers LLC as his personal injury attorneys. Mr. Baker filed suit against the owners and managers of the apartment complex, arguing that his client’s injuries were the direct result of the defective door opener having been negligently allowed to remain on the premises.

GWC faced immediate opposition from the Defendants, who denied prior knowledge of the defect on its premises.

“The Defendants claimed that they did not know about the detached door opener before it struck our client in the head,” Mr. Baker explained. “Consequently, they would not have been negligent for failing to remedy a condition about which they would not have been reasonably expected to be aware.”

In response, GWC obtained witness testimony that successfully refuted the Defense’s objection. During a sworn deposition, a resident at the apartment complex testified that she had complained earlier to building management about the defective door opener after it injured another person in the building – long before it struck GWC’s client.

In light of the testimony Mr. Baker obtained, the Defendants agreed to a $220,000.00 settlement for the union electrician. Additionally, GWC was able to reduce the client’s workers’ compensation lien by $21,935.12, a savings of more than 40 percent.

Helping People Injured on Defective Premises

Illinois requires property owners to maintain their premises so that they do not inflict harm on lawful invitees. If this duty is breached, an injured person might be able to recover financial damages from the responsible party or parties. To increase their chances of a successful outcome, victims often find that they could benefit from the services of the premises liability attorneys at GWC Injury Lawyers LLC.

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