GWC Obtains $359,240.32 Workers’ Compensation Settlement for Union Waste Hauler

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Raul V. Rodriguez

GWC attorney Raul V. Rodriguez obtained a $359,240.32 workers’ compensation settlement for a union waste hauler, more than doubling the insurance company’s offer.

Permanent Restrictions from Work Injury

GWC’s 34-year-old client was a proud member of Teamsters Local 731.  In 2019, he was pushing a large dumpster when he felt a sharp pain in his back.  He was diagnosed with multiple disc herniations and protrusions of the mid and lower spine, requiring surgery and physical therapy.

Even after completing his treatment, the waste hauler had permanent physical restrictions that his employers could not accommodate, forcing him to leave his job.

Wage Differential Called into Question

“Given our client’s restrictions, we believed there would be a significant wage differential between what he had been earning as a waste hauler and what he would earn at another job,” said GWC attorney Raul V. Rodriguez.

“Unfortunately, the insurance company doubted that he had a legitimate wage differential claim – a common position for insurers looking to reduce the value of a workers’ compensation case.”

During pre-trial discussions, the insurance carrier insisted that the client was qualified for a number of jobs with similar wages and offered to settle the matter for only $167,000.00 – far less than Raul thought the case was worth.

GWC’s Strategy Yields Major Results

GWC worked with a vocational counselor to refocus the client’s employment strategy and develop a realistic picture of his economic prospects.  On the basis of the arguments he presented to the Arbitrator, Raul settled the case for $359,240.32 – more than twice the initial offer.  The client was very pleased with the settlement, which will allow him to continue to support his family as he transitions into a new career in real estate.

“I was proud we were able to negotiate a settlement that fairly compensates our client for his wage loss and helps him move on to the next phase in his professional life,” Raul said.

Helping Workers Facing an Uncertain Future

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