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When Your Insurance Doesn’t Cover Your Damages

Chicago residents are bombarded with car insurance ads every day. From cute amphibians, obnoxious ducks, to reassuring actors promising to “always be by your side,” the insurance industry claims to sell Chicagoans peace of mind and security.

But what happens when you actually need your insurer?

Chicago personal injury attorney Larry E. Weisman recently tried a motorcycle accident case against a negligent car driver. The motorcyclist suffered a fractured femur when the car driver made a right-hand turn from the center lane of Chicago Avenue.

The car driver had $250,000 in insurance coverage. Mr. Weisman offered to accept the car driver’s policy limits, but the insurer would only give a lowball offer of $110,000 before the jury verdict. This left the car driver on the hook for any amount the jury awarded over the $250,000 policy limit.

The jury came back with a $531,000 verdict, which left the car driver with a $281,000 bill.

“The message here is that the true measure of an insurance company is not whether they are willing to sell you a policy but, rather, whether they’re willing to step up to protect their policyholder,” Mr. Weisman said. “We are now going after the insurer for its bad faith in exposing the car driver to an excess verdict.”

This is one of many high-profile cases that Mr. Weisman has tried over the years. Larry Weisman has practiced law in Chicago since 1974 and has obtained millions of dollars in compensation on behalf of his clients.

Mr. Weisman’s commitment to his clients doesn’t stop when the jury verdict is announced. Mr. Weisman is committed to ensuring the financial security of his clients. He routinely counsels them in annuities, structured settlements and other financial tools that can help them get the most out of their verdict.