Wife of Garage Collapse Victim Demands Results

Three construction workers are dead after a parking garage collapsed in Miami last week. One of the construction workers is still missing after this horrible construction accident and his wife says that she is frustrated that authorities have not made a round-the-clock effort to find her husband.

“We are not looking for answers anymore. We are looking for results,” the construction worker’s wife said. “We’ve been asking for answers for days now and not getting any. Now is the time for results. Time is going by and he’s still down there.”

The wife says that her supportive family and strong sense of faith is helping her get through this ordeal. She added that she holds out hope that her husband is still alive.

The garage collapse happened at Miami Dade College’s West Campus. A college spokesman said that the building was in its final stages and had been inspected only a day before last Wednesday’s collapse. Miami Dade College is the country’s second biggest college with eight campuses and over 160,000 students.

The wife of the construction worker says that her family has been at the scene of the collapse for days. She has talked to Miami’s mayor and police chief, but no one would promise to launch round-the-clock rescue efforts.

Community members who have seen the woman on TV have come and offered her family assistance as they wait for word regarding their loved one.

“It hurts so much when you go home and the kids are asking ‘when is papa coming home?” the construction worker’s sister said.

Investigators say they believe that the construction worker was killed and buried under the debris. Seven construction workers survived the collapse.