Window Washer Injured In River North Rear End Accident

In large, heavy-trafficked cities, pedestrians and bystanders are often at risk when cars collide. Recently, pedestrians in Times Square were injured after a car rolled over onto the sidewalk. While none of them were fatally injured, they were taken to the hospital with serious injuries. Today in Chicago, a window washer was taken to the hospital after a rear-end collision car accident in the city.

A BMW chased an Infiniti, rear-ended it and caused a chain reaction that knocked a 25-food scaffolding out from underneath a window washer. The Infiniti driver said that it was followed by the BMW and the driver of the BMW pulled a weapon. There were reports of gunshots, but police did not confirm that guns were fired at the time of the accident.

According to reports, the Infiniti rear-ended a taxi cab in the River North neighborhood. The impact caused the taxi cab to veer off the road, and then hit the scaffolding where a man was washing the windows early on Thursday morning. Police reports indicated that the accident occurred at Ohio and State streets at 3:39 in the morning.

When the taxi cab struck the scaffolding, the window washer fell from the scaffolding onto the ground. Reports state that the washer was taken to the hospital and his condition has stabilized. The driver was also treated at the hospital and released.

While it is unknown if citations or criminal charges will be filed, the window washer could be entitled to compensation for losses caused by his injuries, including medical expenses, pain and suffering, lost wages as well as any long-term care needs. An investigation will determine who was at fault for the accident and all liable parties. The window washer may be able to collect workers’ compensation and pursue legal claims against both drivers and their insurance companies.