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Illinois Police Cracking Down on Distracted Drivers in Work Zones

April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month, which means local and state law enforcement will be out in large numbers enforcing Illinois laws against distracted driving. In the state, the use of a hand-held cellphone while driving is illegal.

Local, state and federal efforts are underway to continue to educate drivers about the serious risks and dangers associated with distracted driving. According to the Department of Transportation, during daylight hours in 2014, more than 587,000 people were driving while using a cellphone.

This year, Illinois law enforcement are placing added focus on distracted driving in construction zones. Without warning, police have begun cracking down on drivers who are using a cellphone, eating, grooming and more while behind the wheel. The initiative is said to last well beyond Distracted Driving Awareness Month and through spring and summer.

Distracted Driving and Construction Zones

Through the use of binoculars, cameras and other technology, Illinois State Police have identified certain hotspots where distracted drivers are especially prevalent in dangerous areas.

One of the areas police will be closely watching is the Jane Addams Memorial Tollway. Since a massive construction project began there last year, the number of collisions have spiked from 1,436 in 2014 to 2,193 in 2015.

The Illinois State Police are warning drivers that if they are distracted while behind the wheel, there is a good chance that someone is watching and that they could receive a fine or ticket.

Any behavior that removes a driver’s attention from the task of driving is considered a form of distraction, including changing radio stations, using GPS or hands free technology, consuming lunch or drinking a latte.

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