Wrongful Death Lawsuit Filed Following Dan Ryan Collision

The family of a fatal car accident victim recently filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the 25-year-old driver’s mother.

The crash happened earlier this year on the Dan Ryan Expressway. The deceased man was a passenger in a car driven by a man who did not have a valid driver’s license. The passenger’s family filed sued the driver’s mother, claiming that she should not have lent her car to her son because he did not have a valid license.

Authorities arrested the driver for leaving the scene of the accident. He eventually turned himself in and was booked for vehicular homicide and leaving the scene of the single-car crash.

This type of lawsuit is being brought under a “negligent entrustment” theory. Negligent entrustment lawsuits often come up in cases where the owner of the car loans their vehicle to a dangerous driver. In this case, the 25-year-old driver had at least five tickets for driving without a valid license and over $1,000 in unpaid tickets.

The family claims that the man was speeding at the time of the April 21 crash. The man crashed his mother’s 2004 Lincoln LS into a barrier wall, climbed the embankment and hit a traffic control box before coming to a stop. The Chicago Tribune reports that another person was seriously injured in the wreck.