If you get injured on the job in Libertyville, your life can change in an instant. Unable to work because of your injuries, you can find yourself overwhelmed by the workers’ compensation process or even unable to make ends meet because your benefits have stopped. In this situation, consider seeking out GWC Injury Lawyers LLC, where we have been aggressively defending the rights of hardworking people in the Libertyville area for more than forty years.

You and your family probably have a lot of questions after your work injury – GWC definitely has the answers. Our workers’ compensation attorneys have spent decades handling some of the most difficult workplace accident claims in Libertyville, so they know the labor laws inside and out. For a no-cost, no-obligation consultation with a Libertyville workers’ compensation lawyer, call us at (312) 464-1234 or click here to chat with one of our representatives at any time.

When Should I Hire a Workers’ Compensation Attorney?

Work injuries occur when you least expect them. Until it happens to you, you may not fully comprehend just how difficult it can be to obtain workers’ compensation benefits. This is why it is important for injured workers to know their own legal rights and responsibilities and those of their employers and their employers’ insurance carriers. A knowledgeable workers’ compensation lawyer can help guide you through this complicated, often confusing time, so you should retain the services of an attorney as soon as possible.

How Long Do I Have to Report My Work Injury?

You should inform your employer about your work injury or illness as soon as possible because any delay in doing so could jeopardize your workers’ compensation benefits. You may give this notice verbally or in writing. You also have the option of filing a formal claim with the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission (IWCC).

In most cases, Illinois law requires you to notify a boss, a foreman, or some other person serving in a supervisory capacity within 45 days of a work injury. If you fail to properly report your injury within this 45-day window, your employer could dispute or deny your workers’ compensation claim, forever costing you the workers’ compensation benefits to which you may otherwise have been entitled.

Under certain circumstances, there may be exceptions to this 45-day time limit, particularly when you have been injured over time by repetitive trauma. If this is the case, the date of injury would likely be set as the point in time that a reasonable person should have become aware of the causal relationship between the injury and his or her work duties, thereby giving you 45 days from that date to report your work injury.

However, while you may have as long as 45 days to report an injury, that does not mean that you should wait 45 days to do so. In an ideal situation, you would inform your employer about a work accident the very same day that it happens because the longer you wait to report an accident or injury, the more easily your employer may dispute or deny your claim. For this reason, an experienced Libertyville workers’ compensation attorney can be an essential resource to ensure that you preserve your rights while navigating the claims process.

How Long Do I Have to File a Workers’ Compensation Claim with the IWCC?

There is a three-year statute of limitations for filing a workers’ compensation claim with the IWCC, with certain conditions specified under the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Act. But again, it is best to act as quickly as you can in order to protect your rights, as a good workers’ compensation lawyer in Libertyville would advise you.

What Workers’ Compensation Benefits Are Available?

Generally speaking, there are three core benefits that could be available to injured employees in the Illinois workers’ compensation system:

  • Medical Benefits – These are payments for reasonable and necessary medical treatment stemming from your work injury, and they are fully covered by your employer or its workers’ compensation insurance carrier.
  • Temporary Total Disability (TTD) Benefits – These are weekly payments issued by your employer or its insurance carrier if your doctor states that your injury prevents you from returning to work.
  • Permanent Partial Disability (PPD) Benefits – This is compensation for the permanency of your work injury based upon the body part injured, if applicable; it is paid either as a lump sum or by installment in a structured settlement.

 What Other Benefits Could I Receive for My Work Injury?

Additionally, you could be eligible to receive unemployment compensation, group health insurance benefits, and disability and Social Security benefits, depending on the particular circumstances of your case.

In the event that physical limitations force you to change your profession, you might also be eligible for vocational training, paid for by your employer or its workers’ compensation insurance carrier.

If a work injury results in an employee’s death, his or her spouse and/or dependents could be entitled to additional benefits under the Illinois workers’ compensation system.

To learn more about possible workers’ compensation benefits, speak with an experienced Libertyville workers’ compensation lawyer.

Who Pays for My Workers’ Compensation Benefits?

In Illinois, your employer or its workers’ compensation insurance carrier should cover the cost of your benefits.

How Are Workers’ Compensation Attorneys Paid?

Our Libertyville workers’ compensation lawyers represent clients on a contingency fee basis. Under this arrangement, your legal fees and other related expenses would not be owed until we win your case. There is truly no upfront obligation when you request a free case evaluation from GWC.

GWC Can Represent You for All Your Work Injuries

As seasoned Libertyville workers’ compensation attorneys know, work injuries can sometimes be devastating, potentially resulting in permanent disability. This is why workers’ compensation settlements are essential for your recovery. With over four decades in the business, GWC offers injured workers the reliability and assurance that only experience can provide. GWC is well-versed in handling all types of work injuries in Libertyville, including:

  • Construction Accidents
  • Traffic Crashes
  • Machinery Malfunctions
  • Electrocution
  • Heavy Lifting Injuries
  • Repetitive Stress
  • Exposure to Asbestos, Chemicals, Fumes, or Toxic Materials
  • Exposure to Disease
  • Vision or Hearing Loss
  • Hospital Workplace Incidents

Contact a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer to Protect Your Benefits

Regardless of where you are in the workers’ compensation process – if you have recently suffered a workplace injury, if you just had your claim denied, or even if you only suspect that your injury or illness could be related to an on-the-job accident, exposure to dangerous materials, or a continuous motion activity – the Libertyville workers’ compensation attorneys at GWC are here for you. Contact us today so we can conduct a free evaluation of your work injury and discuss the best plan of action.

We work as hard as possible for you so that you are free to work as hard as possible on becoming well again. If you get hurt at work, schedule a free, no-obligation consultation with a Libertyville workers’ compensation lawyer by calling GWC at (312) 464-1234 or clicking here to chat with a representative.

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