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Attorney Louis C. Cairo

It is terrible to be forced to pay significant medical bills for an injury, particularly when it is sustained as the result of somebody else’s wrongdoing.

At GWC Injury Lawyers, we know how devastating an unexpected injury can be because we have seen it firsthand so many times. Victims are dealing with the pain and suffering caused by the negligent actions of others while their families may be on the brink of financial ruin, all through no fault of their own.

This is why our firm operates on a contingency fee basis. Our goal is to help our clients alleviate their burdens and repair their lives as quickly as possible. We don’t charge any attorney fees until we have obtained a settlement or judgment on your behalf. The contingency fee system allows clients who do not have any money to preserve their legal rights.

At GWC, we work with clients because we believe in their claims, and they will not pay anything unless we win their case.

How Do Contingency Fee Arrangements Work?

When a client hires GWC, our firm covers all of the initial costs needed to file a lawsuit and sustain that case. Once the matter is resolved successfully, the client can use the proceeds to pay the attorney fees and expenses, which is typically calculated as a percentage of the settlement or verdict.

This arrangement benefits clients because they only pay if their cases are successfully resolved, while our firm assumes the risks and costs of litigation upfront. Furthermore, if clients retain GWC, they know that their interests and ours are the same. Neither receives compensation unless we win together. It is a collaboration between clients and attorneys.

GWC Litigates to Win

Getting you the best result possible is our goal, one that GWC regularly achieves, having recovered over $2 Billion in more than four decades of practice.

Our firm only settles cases when it is in the best interest of our clients. GWC’s attorneys, such as Managing Partner Louis C. Cairo, are not afraid to go to trial and enjoy fighting for our clients before juries throughout the state.

As one of the premier personal injury law firms in Illinois, GWC has the experience, the determination, and the resources necessary to get you and your family the justice you deserve. Negligent employers, insurers, and pharmaceutical giants have tried and failed to best our elite trial lawyers.

At GWC, we will guide you every step of the way, from the trial stage to the appellate level. If you have been harmed by negligent individuals, reach out to us so that you can begin exercising your legal rights.

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