Chicago Construction Site Accident Investigator

Construction Site Accident Investigator Kevin Daugherty

Why A Construction Accident Investigator Is Important

A prompt, thorough, and competent accident investigation is often the first step in protecting the rights of an injured worker.

Employers and insurance companies deploy investigators and lawyers to get statements, photographs, and evidence after a job site accident or the filing of an injury claim. The more serious the injuries, the more important it is that you have your own team securing evidence on YOUR behalf to build, fight, and win your case.

Have you been injured at work and require the services of a law firm that will thoroughly investigate your incident?

At the law offices of GWC Injury Lawyers, we employ our own workplace injury investigative team, coordinated by chief investigator Kevin Daugherty.

Mr. Daugherty grew up in Joliet, Illinois, in a family with a long history of union membership. His grandfather, great-grandfather, and great-uncle were all members of the United Mine Workers Union. His grandfather was a member of the Textile Workers Union and his father is a 48-year member of the International Association of Machinists Local 851 in Joliet.

Mr. Daugherty spent eight years as a volunteer fireman in Plainfield, achieving the rank of lieutenant and then captain before moving from the district. He has been a member of the Machinists Local in Joliet and of the Transportation and Communications Union while working for the railroad.

Mr. Daugherty originally came to GWC as a client when he was injured while working as a car inspector for the Belt Railway Company of Chicago. While riding in a company truck, he was hit by three locomotives. Mr. Daugherty was diagnosed with a bulged disk in his lower back, a very serious workplace injury. After being taken out of service by the railroad, he retained Louis C. Cairo as his attorney in an injury claim against the BRC.

After his case was settled, Mr. Daugherty was hired as a personal injury investigator for our firm. In that role, he takes witness statements, photographs accident sites, and interacts frequently with clients.

Mr. Daugherty also travels the country attending union meetings and explaining to members their rights under Illinois workers’ compensation, under third-party personal injury law, and under FELA if they have sustained a workplace injury.

To arrange a presentation at your next union meeting, contact Kevin Daugherty by calling 1-312-464-1234 or simply fill out our “Free Case Evaluation” form, and we will contact you shortly after we receive you inquiry.

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Settlement – A sheet metal worker suffered significant injuries and was eventually placed on permanent sedentary work restrictions.

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