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GWC Obtains Settlement Worth $454,700.40 for Carpenter

carpenterGWC attorney Louis Anthony Cairo has obtained a settlement worth $454,700.40 for a carpenter who was injured in an on-the-job ladder accident.

Unprotected Floor Vent Causes Ladder Accident

On September 24, 2016, GWC’s client was working as a carpenter for the Defendant, a general contractor and developer in charge of the erection of a single-family residence located in the City of Chicago. The Defendant had hired the client’s employer to perform carpentry work on the project, though the Defendant retained authority and control over the work.

On the date of the incident, the client was performing finishing carpentry on the home. Brown construction paper had been laid on top of newly installed hardwood floors on the entire first level of the house to protect the finish. The client then proceeded to do trim work on the windows. Once he reached the kitchen area, he positioned his ladder on top of the paper so that he could trim the back windows. He climbed onto the ladder and began installing trim work when one of the ladder’s legs suddenly fell through the paper into an unprotected HVAC register, causing him to fall from the ladder and onto his left outstretched arm.

Carpenter Sustains Left Wrist Injury

As a result of this incident, the client suffered a comminuted, fracture of the distal end of the radius of the left wrist.  In order to treat his injury, he had to undergo surgical intervention in the form of an open reduction and internal fixation, followed by a second surgical removal and an occupational therapy regimen, before he returned to work full duty.

GWC Shows Defendant Failed To Provide Safe Working Environment

In seeking fair compensation for the firm’s client, Mr. Cairo argued that the Defendant had failed to provide a safe working environment for him.

“During a sworn deposition,” said Mr. Cairo, “the Defendant admitted that the HVAC registers were not protected by a grate or by plywood.  He also admitted that he was the one that laid down the brown construction paper.  In spite of the Defendant’s knowledge that the Plaintiff was present at the house, he failed miserably by not warning my client of this risk before having him work there, despite acknowledging that it was his authority and responsibility to ensure that precautions were being installed at the job site so that subcontractors were able to work as safely as possible.”

The Defendant’s attorneys did, however, argue vigorously that the client, an experienced carpenter, should have made sure that his ladder was secure prior to climbing up it and performing his work.

Based upon Mr. Cairo’s skillful deposition work, and the assistance of the Hon. Judge Joseph Casciato at ADR, GWC was able to settle the client’s case for $400,000.00. Additionally, the client’s employer agreed to waive its right to collect a $54,700.40 workers’ compensation lien, for a total settlement worth $454,700.40.

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