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Have you been injured on the job at a Chicago construction site?

Construction Accident LawyersConstruction injury cases are rarely simple. In fact, more often than not, they are complex, both legally and factually. They demand comprehensive knowledge not only of the applicable law, but also of the construction industry and its operations. In this respect, you can be assured of quality representation when you call GWC Injury Lawyers.

GWC is often called the construction injury law firm. In fact, building trades unions and organizations often turn to the Chicago construction accident attorneys at GWC when a member is injured, and GWC has been honored with designations by many of the state’s largest unions. No other law firm is more respected by its adversaries, and no other law firm represents more injured union construction workers than GWC.

Who is Responsible for Construction Site Accidents?

building accident law firmThere are many parties who are responsible for ensuring that employees on construction sites have the safety equipment and tools that they need to do their jobs without getting injured.

Employers are not allowed to simply send their employees to a construction site without taking steps to promote safety.

Employers must:

  • Evaluate a site and identify potential dangers
  • Obtain safety equipment and harnesses to prevent accidents and falls
  • Create a strong safety plan
  • Train all employees on the proper way to use equipment to ensure safety.

Depending on the circumstances of cases, negligent employers, manufacturers of defective tools and equipment, and poor safety standards can all contribute to creating conditions that are dangerous to construction workers. There are different legal mechanisms that Chicago construction accident attorneys can use to help injured employees.

How Our Construction Injury Lawyers Can Help You

bricklayer injury lawsuitsEvery one of our construction accident attorneys has a solid working knowledge of how construction sites run and how particular operations are carried out.

Due to our vast collective experience with construction-related injury matters, we are also able to readily identify important issues in a given case, such as the legal theories of liability that should be pursued and the entities that should be named as defendants in the litigation.

We know how to pursue full compensation in workers’ compensation, personal injury, and wrongful death cases. Our unique ability to recognize and deal with these aspects of your case in the early stages of litigation is a significant reason why we consistently obtain such favorable results for our construction worker clients.

The best example of the exceptional success that GWC has had in construction negligence litigation is our extensive experience in handling both major and minor cases for members of virtually every organized union in Chicago and the state of Illinois.

Our union client list includes:

  • Carpenters
  • Electricians
  • Laborers
  • Sheet Metal Workers
  • Painters
  • Operating Engineers
  • Tile Setters
  • Teamsters
  • Elevator Constructors
  • Roofers

…. to name only a few.

We also maintain close ties to Illinois legislators to remain current on the often-changing construction negligence laws as we continually strive to protect our clients’ interests.

Construction Accident Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who Is at Fault for My Construction Accident?

A: It can be difficult to determine who is at fault in a construction accident because of the complexity of construction projects and the number of parties involved.

Q: How Much Is My Construction Accident Case Worth?

A: The value of a construction accident case depends upon a number of factors, including legal merit, available coverage, and the extent of the damages incurred.

Q: Can I Be Compensated for Pain and Suffering in a Construction Accident?

A: Under Illinois law, construction accident victims could potentially receive financial compensation for non-economic damages like pain and suffering.

Chicago Construction Negligence Litigators

Chicago Construction Accident LawyersIf a construction injury should strike you or a family member, work with the law firm trusted by members of virtually every trade involved in construction: GWC.

For more than 40 years, our lawyers have been helping to fight for the rights of construction workers against large companies and insurance agencies. We have DETAILED knowledge of the workers’ compensation laws in Illinois and the ability to build a strong argument for your MAXIMUM damages amount.

Don’t delay. To find out more about the Illinois construction lawyers at GWC Injury Lawyers, call us today at 1-312-464-1234 or contact us online by filling out and sending our “Free Case Evaluation” form.

With our main office located in Chicago, we serve all of the areas throughout Cook County, including:

  • Chicago
  • Cicero
  • Oak Park
  • Berwyn
  • Forest Park
  • Lyons
  • Summit
  • Maywood
    …. and all of the towns and suburbs close to these towns.

Don’t delay. Our team of highly trained attorneys are ready to help fight for the justice that you deserve.

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