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crane sank 4 ½ feet into the ground

GWC Obtains $2.687 Million for Ironworker Who Fell Due to Faulty Crane

GWC Partner, Louis A. Cairo, and attorney, Lawrence J. Amato, have obtained a settlement in excess of $2.687M on behalf of Local 1 ironworker who suffered injuries to his pelvis and lower back at the Glenwood Plaza Project when a construction crane tipped, bumping the structural steel and causing the client to fall 12 ½>> Read More


Scaffold Corner Built With Complete Negligence

The lawsuit on behalf of the family of David O’Donnell, Local 130 technical engineer who suffered fatal injuries in the June 9th fall at the University of Chicago Hospital Cancer Pavilion project, has been filed today, June 20th, 2024. David O’Donnell’s mother was appointed Administrator of his estate in a probate order on June 18th,>> Read More

Union Operating Engineer

GWC Obtains Settlement Worth Over $919,000 for Union Operating Engineer

GWC partner Michael D. Fisher and attorney Autumn K. Leslie obtained a settlement worth over $919,000 for a union operating engineer who suffered a hip injury at a construction project. The settlement included a complete waiver of the worker’s compensation lien, which totaled $189,000. Negligence of Owner and General Contractor Injures Union Operating Engineer In November>> Read More

Scaffold Failure at University of Chicago Hospital Leaves 1 Dead and 1 Seriously Injured

A lawsuit was filed on June 10, 2024 on behalf of Jeffrey A. Spyrka, the Local 1 ironworker who fell over 100 feet when a scaffold at the University of Chicago Hospital new cancer center project failed in high winds on Thursday, June 6, 2024.  The lawsuit on behalf of the family of David O’Donnell,>> Read More

Man Opening Envelope With Check

What To Do if Workers’ Comp Is Not Sending Checks

In Illinois, you are entitled to workers’ compensation payments following a work-related injury. You might be wondering what to do if workers’ comp is not sending checks. If you’re experiencing this issue, the workers’ compensation attorneys at GWC Injury Lawyers are ready to help. We have compiled the following information regarding workers’ comp checks and>> Read More

Ironworker Injured

GWC Obtains $2.3 Million at Trial for Injured Ironworker

GWC attorneys Autumn K. Leslie and Timothy J. Keiser obtained approximately $2.3 million for an injured ironworker in a settlement taking place during trial, more than doubling pre-trial offers. An Ironworker Injured on a Jobsite In June 2017, GWC’s client, a 44-year-old female Ironworker, was working on a jobsite in Evanston, Illinois. Defendant, Walsh/Barton Malow>> Read More