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For more than three decades, the Chicago lawyers at GWC Injury Lawyers have been fighting for the rights of personal injury victims throughout Illinois. By utilizing the knowledge and resources that we have acquired during that time, our team of Chicago lawyers can provide the experience and dedication that is needed to litigate your claim.

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At GWC Injury Lawyers, we are dedicated to the pursuit of justice.

Our team of dedicated attorneys have successfully represented thousands of injured clients and their families throughout Illinois. Our track record of success has helped us to garner respect from our adversaries and grow our reputation over the past forty years. As Illinois’ Largest Personal Injury & Workers’ Compensation Law Firm, we are able to invest the resources needed to maximize your financial recovery

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With a proven track record of success and more than $2 BILLION recovered for our clients, we have grown into the largest personal injury and workers’ compensation law firm in the entire state.

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Our Chicago construction accident attorneys know what it means to families when an injured worker is off the job.

We are the sons and daughters of working-class families. We understand and appreciate the struggles of working people – it’s part of the history of this firm. Many of us have seen parents injured at work and have lived through difficult times. That’s certainly one reason we are committed to doing whatever it takes to get our clients back on their feet after workplace injuries.

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Experienced Car Accident Attorneys

Car accidents can be traumatic, especially when you have suffered serious injuries because of somebody else’s negligence.  You may be in shock, you may be confused, and you may not know what to do next.  You may also suddenly find yourself facing mounting medical bills, all at a time when your injuries may prevent you from working.  To help guide you through this trying process, consider reaching out to an experienced car accident lawyer, like the ones you can find at GWC Injury Lawyers.

How can a car accident attorney help you?  A knowledgeable attorney can work to maximize the value of your personal injury claim in the face of opposition from the other party’s insurance company.  This may be your first serious car accident, but it is almost certain not the insurance company’s.  An experienced insurance adjuster has likely negotiated hundreds of car accident claims or more, many that are like yours.  This puts the adjuster at an advantage, since he or she knows the ins and outs of the insurance claims process, what a claim like yours may be worth, and how little he or she can offer to make your claim go away. What may seem like a good settlement offer to you might actually be pennies on the dollar to the adjuster.  In some cases, the adjuster may simply deny liability entirely, preying upon your relative ignorance of the law in the hopes that you just give up on the whole thing.

This is where an accident lawyer can make a difference.  At GWC Injury Lawyers, we have successfully resolved thousands of car injury claims, obtaining fair compensation from the insurance companies of those responsible for our client’s injuries.  Our car accident lawyers know what a claim like yours could be worth and will fight to obtain or exceed that amount – even taking it to trial if it is in the best interest of your case.  And with over $2 billion recovered for our clients in verdicts and settlements over more than four decades in practice, we think GWC’s record of success speaks for itself.

So if you have been wrongfully injured, put yourself in the best position possible and contact GWC today to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation with a personal injury lawyer.  Call our office at (312) 999-9999 or click here to chat with a representative at any time.

Helping Illinois Truck Accident Victims

Truck accidents can be among the most destructive crashes on the road.  At 40 or more times heavier than the average vehicle, the sheer size of large trucks can make even a simple “fender-bender” highly dangerous, inflicting extreme injuries.  Someone who has been in a truck crash could face catastrophic medical bills, often made much worse by the loss of income than can accompany serious injury.  In addition to the physical and economic devastation left in their wake, truck accidents can present some of the most challenging cases in personal injury litigation because of the number of parties who may be involved.  For this reason, if you have been seriously injured in a truck accident, consider seeking out the services of an experienced injury attorney, like the truck accident lawyers at GWC.

A truck accident lawyer can take on the obstacles you may face when pursuing a personal injury claim.  For example, an accident lawyer can identify and pursue the full list of those who may be responsible for your accident, which, in a case involving a commercial transport vehicle, can be extensive.  In addition to the truck’s driver and the driver’s employer, very often another company may have hired them to transport its goods, and still other companies may be involved as well.  It is essential to go after all the parties who may be at fault for a truck accident in a timely fashion because failure to do so within the time limited by law could forever prevent you from obtaining the compensation you deserve.

Perhaps most importantly, a capable injury lawyer can stand up for you against the insurance companies representing the parties responsible for a truck accident, companies that will fight you at every turn.  They may try to downplay or even deny liability to reduce the amount of compensation you can receive.  It is essential that you have somebody who can fight back, such as GWC’s truck accident lawyers.

With more than $2 billion recovered for our clients, GWC’s record of success speaks for itself.  We have the experience, the resources, and the determination you need to help you obtain the justice you deserve.


Our entire team of lawyers and support staff are dedicated to fighting for the justice that you deserve.