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GWC Maximizes Settlement for Mechanic Injured in Chicago Motorcycle Accident

Chicago motorcycle accident
Deanna Cairo Arthur

GWC Law’s Deanna Cairo Arthur has obtained the maximum insurance policy limits for a vehicular mechanic who injured his hand in a Chicago motorcycle accident, settling his claim for $300,000.00.

A Door Opens to Disaster

On September 24, 2016, Ms. Arthur’s client, an 18-year-old auto mechanic, was riding his motorcycle southbound on I-94 at 95th Street. At that time, a driver who was ahead of him suddenly came to a complete stop and threw open her car door directly into his lane of traffic.

As a result, the young mechanic crashed into the door, lost control of his motorcycle, and collided with another vehicle.

A Mechanic’s Dream Stalls Out

The motorcycle accident fractured multiple bones in the client’s dominant right hand, requiring two surgical procedures and extensive occupational therapy.

While losing the use of the dominant hand for several months would upset anyone, it was especially troubling to this young man, since it threw a roadblock in front of his lifelong passion: vehicular mechanics.

“To my client, being a mechanic wasn’t simply a job,” said Ms. Arthur. “It was his identity. He grew up fixing and building cars with his father, brother, and uncle. His dream was to become a mechanic for the National Hot Rod Association.

“And with this motorcycle accident,” she continued, “it looked like his dream had stalled out.”

Because of his hand injuries, he was unable to maintain his job at a national auto service center. Moreover, he could not complete the training courses that he had been taking for specialty certifications, putting his career ambitions in jeopardy.

Back on the Road to Recovery

Fortunately for the aspiring young mechanic, he contacted GWC to help set his life back on the right course. Thanks to Ms. Arthur’s passionate advocacy on his behalf, the defendant’s insurance carrier agreed to settle her client’s personal injury claim for $300,000.00, the maximum liability limits for the defendant’s insurance policy.

This financial windfall gave the client the time and the access to medical treatment that he needed to get back on the road to recovery – and to his dreams.

“His career is back on track,” Ms. Arthur said. “That’s always my main goal as a personal injury attorney: to help my clients reach their own goals.”

Chicago Motorcycle Accident Attorneys

If your goals seem out of reach because you were injured in a motorcycle accident, consider seeking help from an experienced and knowledgeable attorney, like the Chicago motorcycle accident attorneys at GWC Law, one the premier Personal Injury and Workers’ Compensation law firms in Illinois.

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