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GWC Obtains $4.5 Million Settlement for Injured Motorist Diagnosed with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

Louis C. Cairo

GWC Injury Lawyers LLC has obtained a $4.5 million settlement in a case against a locally based international trucking company for injuries sustained by a motorist in suburban Cook County following a low impact collision with very minimal property damage.

CRPS Diagnosis Following Truck Accident

The Plaintiff – who had no evidence of serious injury or fractures when he sought medical treatment following the day of the incident – was subsequently diagnosed with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) after a course of orthopedic treatment failed to resolve his underlying pain. This successful result was obtained by GWC Managing Partner/Owner Louis C. Cairo, Partner Lance D. Northcutt, and attorney Timothy J. Keiser.

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Lance D. Northcutt

While the identity of the parties is confidential, the $4.5 million settlement marked a successful conclusion to years of hard-fought litigation in which both liability and damages were vigorously contested by the Defendants and their multiple experts. This included a pain management specialist from an Ivy League medical school hired by the defense who adamantly argued that the Plaintiff did not meet the criteria to support the diagnosis of CRPS and blamed the Plaintiff’s post-incident complaints on a myriad of premorbid conditions.

As attorney Louis C. Cairo explained, “This case once again illustrates the point that CRPS is a devastating condition that severely impacts the ability of injured victims to fully return to the quality of life they once had. And unlike most orthopedic injuries caused by a blunt force impact, what starts as a relatively minor injury can sometimes lead to serious complications associated with CRPS.”

Timothy J. Keiser

One of the most satisfying aspects of this case is that when our referring lawyer [a named partner in a major Chicago law firm] sent this client to our firm, it was based, in part, upon the fact that prior counsel viewed this as a low impact, low value, bump-and-bruise auto claim with no fractures and minimal wage loss; the referring lawyer felt that there was greater potential. Proving that it was actually a $4.5 million case was incredibly rewarding to our team, our referring lawyer, and our client.

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