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Firefighter Injured In East Chicago Blaze

In our last post we discussed the death of a Hudson, Illinois, firefighter during a rescue operation. That firefighter died when a truck driver lost control and slammed into a car accident rescue scene.

Another firefighter was recently injured on the job. A weekend commercial fire in East Chicago resulted in one firefighter being injured and the destruction of several businesses. The blaze was reported around 4:30 p.m. Saturday near the intersection of Tod and Chicago Avenues. The cause of the fire is unknown but NBC Chicago reports the flames were extinguished around 10 p.m.

The injured firefighter was rushed to a local hospital for treatment for a knee injury. Workplace injuries such as this one are usually paid for by Illinois workers compensation benefits.

Workers compensation benefits cover work-related injuries and illness and the associated medical expenses. These benefits are paid by Illinois employers or their insurers and cannot be passed onto workers.

In return for providing workers comp benefits, Illinois employers are largely immune from personal injury lawsuits filed by their employees. Employees are entitled however to file lawsuits called third-party claims against other individuals or companies that contributed to an employees injury. Common third-party cases include lawsuits filed against negligent building management companies and the manufacturers of dangerous or defective machines.

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