Illinois Law Firm Secures Multi-Million-Dollar Verdicts and Settlements

The Illinois injury lawyers at GWC Injury Lawyers prove once again that when commitment and preparation meet skill and passion, great things happen for their injury clients. The Illinois Trial Lawyers’ Association recently featured two noteworthy results, achieved by GWC lawyers, which underscore this concept:The two featured cases are Goldstein and the Estate of Jaime Jones. Louis Cairo and Scott Weisman tried the Goldstein case, while Cairo and partner Colin O’Malley settled the Estate of Jaime Jones case during the trial.

The Goldstein case resulted in a $1.5 million bench trial award after the defendants only offered $100K to settle a slip and fall case resulting in an aggravation to the plaintiff’s long-standing knee injury. The Jones settlement came in a wrongful death case as GWC named partner, Louis Cairo, was prepared to deliver his opening statement to the jury. He and fellow partner, Colin O’Malley, rejected a $5 million offer and proceeded with the trial until the defendant increased its offer to meet their final demand of $7.85 million.As the Trial Lawyers’ publication was being circulated, two other significant GWC trials were taking place: the Estate of Ingolia and Fuller.

Both of these cases are worthy of the same recognition as the Goldstein and Jones cases.In the Estate of Ingolia matter, partners Larry Weisman and Joseph Sorce scored a victory in a hotly disputed electrocution death case. In the case, they rejected a $1.75 million offer and proceeded to trial and got a gross verdict for $6.3 million for this injured GWC client.In Fuller, partners Lawrence Ruder and Colin O’Malley got a $900,000 verdict in McHenry County for their client who was injured in a bus and SUV crash, as reported in this recent Northwest Herald article.

This verdict is the second largest jury verdict in McHenry County’s history! Lawrence Ruder now holds the record for the second and third highest jury verdicts in the conservative county of McHenry.These results prove, once again, that it is GWC’s commitment to prepare every injury case as aggressively and thoroughly as possible so as to receive a maximum settlement or verdict at trial for their clients.

Despite the incredible amount of work and financial commitment that are required to successfully try personal injury cases in Illinois, it is our goal to prepare every case so that we can be absolutely ready to try every case we have if our adversaries are not prepared to pay what we believe is a fair and just amount for our clients’ losses. Trying to save time or money by not taking those extra two or three or ten depositions is not how we do what we do! Sure we can retain expert witnesses who are less expensive that the ones we hire. And we do not need the best models, trial illustrations and exhibits available on the market, but those are the tools that we use to help us to persuade juries who are typically predisposed to NOT want to enter a substantial verdict for an injured Plaintiff.

Our business model at GWC is that anything less than giving our 110% effort is simply not acceptable. And our results prove that we live up to that standard.