IWCC Moving Headquarters to Daley Center

The Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission (IWCC) is moving its headquarters from the Thompson Center to the Daley Center as part of a series of cost-cutting initiatives.

Reducing Space by 25 to 30 Percent

The IWCC will be moving out of Chicago’s Thompson Center later in 2021. Commission officials report that construction is already underway on hearing rooms in the lower level of the Daley Center. According to IWCC Chairman Michael Brennan, the move should reduce the IWCC’s lease space by 25 to 30 percent.

The change of headquarters is part of a series of initiatives designed to cut costs and improve efficiency at the IWCC. As part of this effort, the IWCC also switched to a completely “paperless” filing and case management system on April 21, 2021. The electronic system will help litigants file or review documents online while reducing IWCC expenses.

IWCC Improving Efficiency as Pandemic Ends

Brennan said that such moves are necessary to prepare the IWCC as the economy recovers from the pandemic. 2020 saw a significant decrease in the commission’s workload, which was down by roughly 5,000 cases as many people were unemployed because of COVID-19 restrictions. Approximately 33,000 injured workers filed claims with the IWCC last year, compared to the average of 37,500 to 40,000 claims annually.

Brennan believes that the planned changes will help the IWCC better manage the workers’ compensation claims process, both in the immediate future and over the long term.

“It’s our goal to change the methodology for which cases are set for trial so that they actually go to trial,” said Brennan. “We do not want a system, as has existed in the past, where we have 100 people standing in a room and getting nothing done. We’re moving ahead with what we’ve implemented as a result of COVID.

“We believe trial time will become far more efficient for the arbitrators,” he added. “And we believe that the commissioners are still working hard.”

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