Kristen Chenoweth Injured In Scaffolding Accident

Kristin Chenoweth has released multiple country music albums, worked on Broadway musicals and has a reputable television career. And no matter if Chenoweth steps onto a performance stage, a movie set or a television studio, she is entitled to a safe work environment. This expectation is the same for all employees in Chicago, Illinois — employers need to provide a healthy and structurally-sound workplace.

When Chenoweth was recently on the set of the television show “The Good Wife,” falling debris struck her in the head. She had to be taken to a hospital with a neck brace on, though she is expected to make a full recovery. But there are conflicting explanations for how the accident happened. The studio said that a gust of wind pushed a lighting fixture on top of Chenoweth — but the actress’ publicist says that scaffolding fell on Chenoweth’s head.

It is possible that the studio is running interference to make the incident look like an accident. Falling scaffolding usually occurs when the support system for the scaffolding fails. Another common reason for scaffolding to fail is improper installation, which, if true in this incident, could leave the studio liable.

Even if adverse weather is to blame for the injuries to Chenoweth, the television studio should have safety procedures in place to ensure that no debris or materials on the set would fall due to a gust of wind. Many construction workers are hurt every year because of falling scaffolding, and they need to apply for worker’s compensation to cover for lost wages and medical bills