Lincoln Park Garage

Lincoln Park Garage May Pose Danger

Residents living near a Lincoln Park garage are warning city authorities that the structure may pose a danger to the community.

Lincoln Park Garage “Dilapidated”

The Lincoln Park garage in question is located in the 1900 block of North Dayton Street in Chicago, IL. When a news crew visited the address in mid-May 2021, they found that a cedar deck covering the “dilapidated-seeming” garage hung dangerously close to an adjoining property, pushing against power lines, and that overgrown plants sprouted from a planter above it.

A notice had been posted on March 18 by the Department of Buildings declaring that the Lincoln Park garage was “a public safety threat, presenting an actual and imminent danger to the public.” The notice also warned that the Commissioner of the Department of Buildings was prepared to take action to eliminate the hazard, including “demolition of this garage.”

But according to area residents, such notices are nothing new. For the past “two or three years,” similar notices have been posted at the property, where neighbors claim that the homeowner is rarely seen.

“Every day I come out of my garage and I open my door and wonder has the garage come down yet or not,” said one resident.

Neighbors Complain of Delays

Despite these concerns, however, neighbors insist that City Hall has delayed taking necessary action to fix the situation.

Public records reveal that the entire property had been the subject of city inspection complaints since as far back as 2019, and it had even been destined for demolition court at one point. But according to a Department of Buildings spokesperson, that effort had been “rectified” after discussions last year with the homeowner, who reportedly agreed to certain remedial actions.

On May 17, after another review by a city inspector, the Department of Buildings removed the notice, suggesting that progress was being made in correcting the problems.

“The inspector determined the garage has a failed roof deck which is affecting the overall stability of the structure,” said the Department in a statement. “DOB is currently working with the building owner to determine the next steps for the garage, keeping in mind the safety of surrounding properties and neighbors.”

Nevertheless, these assurances by the city may provide little comfort to the residents who live near the Lincoln Park garage.

“It’s scary, at any point I wouldn’t be surprised if the garage collapses,” a worried neighbor said. “It could collapse on our house – you know, there are children that play in that alley.”

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