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Multi-Vehicle Accident on Lake Shore Drive Involves Fourteen Cars

multi-vehicle accidentFourteen cars were involved in an early morning multi-vehicle accident on Lake Shore Drive. This incident highlights the challenges involved in pursuing a personal injury claim in a collision with three or more vehicles.

Multi-Vehicle Accident Delays Rush Hour Traffic

On January 24, 2019, at 6.04 a.m., a total of fourteen vehicles collided with each other in a series of rear-end accidents on Lake Shore Drive, near the northbound Grand Avenue exit to Navy Pier.

The northbound lanes of Lake Shore Drive were shut down for more than an hour following the incident, delaying rush hour traffic. At least one person was injured in the multi-vehicle accident and taken to Northwestern Memorial Hospital for treatment.

The cause of the multi-vehicle accident has not yet been determined.

Who Is at Fault in a Multi-Vehicle Accident?

Assigning blame in a two-vehicle accident can sometimes be difficult, but determining fault in a multi-vehicle or “chain-reaction” accident –a series of rear-end accidents involving three or more vehicles – can be especially challenging.

Generally speaking, when two vehicles are involved in a rear-end collision, the vehicle that struck the rear of the other vehicle is responsible for any property damage or personal injuries that may result. But with multi-vehicle accidents, many different drivers could have been acting negligently to varying degrees – and may share different levels of blame.

For example, imagine a scenario in which Vehicle 1 comes to a complete stop in keeping with the flow of traffic. Vehicle 2, which is traveling behind Vehicle 1, either fails to pay attention or is following too closely, and it collides with Vehicle 1. Because of the force of the collision, Vehicle 1 collides with the rear Vehicle 3, which is traveling directly ahead of it. In a two-vehicle collision, Vehicle 1 would likely be at fault for crashing into Vehicle 3, but here, Vehicle 2 could be responsible for both collisions because it started a chain reaction.

Now add in Vehicle 4, which collides with the rear of Vehicle 2 after it had already collided with Vehicle 1, and you may see how different parties could be found responsible for different crashes, and for different damages and injuries, within the chain reaction. All of this can complicate the process of pursuing a successful personal injury claim in a multi-vehicle accident.

Illinois Car Accident Attorneys

As you might imagine, even if you were not at fault in a multi-vehicle accident, you might face heavy opposition from the other drivers’ insurance companies in order to be properly compensated for your bodily injuries. Given the complex nature of gathering the relevant evidence and using it to build a successful personal injury claim in the case of a multi-vehicle accident, consider retaining the services of a knowledgeable attorney, such as the Illinois car accident attorneys at GWC Law.

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