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Nursing Home Monitoring Law Passes

nursing-home-monitoring-devicesOn August 23, 2015, House Bill 2462 was signed into law. This law allows video cameras and audio monitoring devices to be installed in residential rooms of Illinois nursing homes and rehabilitation facilities by residents or their family members.

Despite having strict guidelines and laws to help regulate the industry, nursing home abuse is increasing nationwide. If you suspect nursing home abuse, contact our lawyers to have the experience of the largest personal injury law firm working on your behalf.

Attorney General Lisa Madigan proposed this legislation in response to numerous complaints received by her office regarding concerns of safety and security by nursing home residents as well as family members.

Residents or their representatives will be responsible for purchasing, installing, and maintaining these devices.

Provisions of the law will:

  • Allow for the use of audio and video monitoring equipment in resident rooms
  • Require consent of both the resident and their roommate
  • Allow recordings as admissible evidence in administrative, civil, and criminal proceedings
  • Pose misdemeanor and felony penalties for tampering, destructing, or obstructing the monitoring devices or recordings

In Illinois, there are more than 860 nursing homes which are home to over 76,000 residents. As the population continues to age, the need for nursing home safety measures will increase. As estimated by the U.S. Census Bureau, 22.3 percent of the population of Illinois will be age 60 or older by 2030.

The Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) responds to approximately 5,000 complaints each year, with the majority involving long-term care facilities. The IDPH investigated 106 valid cases of abuse, neglect, and misappropriation of property by nursing facility staff against residents. The use of video and audio monitoring devices will provide valuable evidence when resolving claims of suspected neglect and abuse.

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