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Pit Bulls Injure Two In Berwyn Dog Injury

A Berwyn woman and a police officer were injured after a vicious dog attack earlier this month. Authorities say that the attack started around 7:30 a.m. near 27th Street and Ridgeland Avenue when a pit bull approached a woman walking a small dog. The pit bull was known to be vicious by area residents, so the woman scooped her small dog up to protect it.

The pit bull then launched itself at the dog walker and killed her small dog. The woman suffered severe personal injuries including bites to her fingers, arms and legs. After killing the woman’s dog, the pit bull ran back to a yard to join another pit bull.

Police officers responded to the scene and found both pit bulls to be highly aggressive. A police officer ultimately shot the dogs and suffered leg injuries in the process.

“The pit bulls were very aggressive, very dangerous,” said Berwyn Police Chief James Ritz. “It was an extremely dangerous situation.”

An elderly area resident told the Chicago Tribune that there were many shots fired and that school children were present when the dog attack happened. Authorities will likely charge the pit bull owners and the dog owners will likely also face personal injury litigation from the woman who was mauled.