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Should You Use Hidden Cameras In Nursing Homes?

should-you-use-hidden-cameras-in-nursing-homesNot a week goes by that nursing home abuse and elder abuse is not revealed in some American city. Many adult children, who are responsible for their parents, are finding that nursing homes prohibit them from monitoring their parents care by installing hidden cameras.

Nursing home residents have been severely injured causing substantial harm to the patients and their families. In some cases, nursing home abuse and neglect is so severe that the residents suffer fatal accidents or injuries.

While it is important to monitor, visit and actively manage the level of care that your loved ones receive in a nursing facility, there are some limitations. Both state and federal laws and nursing home regulations can impact hidden camera decisions.

Illinois legislators are proposing a bill that would allow families to install, monitor and control hidden cameras in patient rooms without providing the nursing home with access. The bill will be introduced in January 2016. Until the bill has passed, it would be in the best interest of families to find other ways to monitor the level of care.

Families should make sure to visit regularly and irregularly so that their visiting schedule is not predictable, families should also secure the residents finances so that only authorized personnel can access financial accounts.

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