Tragedy in Tampico14 Year Old Workers Fatally Electrocuted

At what age is a child capable of working on a farm in near proximity to dangerous farm equipment and irrigation systems? In Illinois that age is 12 and giant corporations like Monsanto rely on children to reap great profits at the expense of our childrens safety and lives. This was the case Monday, July 25, 2011, when Jade Garza and Hannah Kendall, two 14 year old friends, were killed in a tragic and inexcusable accident. They were two of approximately 72 children working in a wet cornfield when a center pivot irrigation system caused their electrocution as well as injuries to at least 6 other children.

There is already finger pointing and speculation as to what caused this tragedy, with all potential responsible parties trying to deflect the blame.

GWC Injury Lawyers, Illinois largest Personal Injury/Workers Compensation law firm, partner Michael Goldberg was contacted about this tragedy and is concerned about the possible tampering of evidence that might occur while the families of the children involved in this accident ponder what went wrong. GWC Injury Lawyers represents many of the building trades organizations including the Electrical Workers local whose jurisdiction encompasses Tampico and Sterling Illinois. Darren Golden, Business Manager of IBEW Local 364 whose union covers the Tampico and Sterling area is convinced that he knows what might have been a contributing cause of this accident. He refutes one proposed theory that a lightning strike could have damaged the irrigation system and notes that a properly grounded irrigation system could not be damaged by a lightning strike. Darren shares the opinion that this tragedy should never have happened and could have been averted.

In February, 2011 a jury awarded $6.3 Million Dollars to the family of an IBEW 134 electrician killed in an electrocution accident involving a switch gear. The attorneys at GWC Injury Lawyers are extremely well versed in electrocution cases and has represented clients in electrocution accidents throughout Illinois. GWC Injury Lawyers represents the IBEW State Conference and has offices in IBEW locals throughout Illinois.

Any questions or comments about this tragedy should be directed to Michael Goldberg or Louis Cairo at 312-757-7462 or 1-312-464-1234.

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$4.05 Million Electrician. Suffered severe electrical burns when an aluminum street light pole that his employer was installing hit a power line.